POST /a/update

Check the remote server to see if there are available binaries

Body Parameters

Name Description Type Required
Channel Channel name string
CurrentVersion Current version of the application string
GOARCH Current GOARCH string
GOOS Current GOOS string
LicenseInfo For enterprise version, info about the current license object
PackageName Name of the currently running application string
ServiceName Not Used : specific service to get updates for string

Body Example

  "Channel": "string",
  "CurrentVersion": "string",
  "GOARCH": "string",
  "GOOS": "string",
  "LicenseInfo": {},
  "PackageName": "string",
  "ServiceName": "string"

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/updateUpdateResponse

  "AvailableBinaries": [
      "BinaryArch": "string",
      "BinaryChecksum": "string",
      "BinaryHashType": "string",
      "BinaryOS": "string",
      "BinarySignature": "string",
      "BinarySize": "string",
      "BinaryURL": "string",
      "ChangeLog": "string",
      "Description": "string",
      "IsPatch": true,
      "Label": "string",
      "License": "string",
      "PackageName": "string",
      "PatchAlgorithm": "string",
      "ReleaseDate": 10,
      "ServiceName": "string",
      "Status": "string",
      "Version": "string"
  "Channel": "string"
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