DELETE /a/role/{Uuid}

Delete a Role by ID

Path Parameters

  • Uuid (string, required) Unique identifier of this role

  • Label (string) Label of this role

  • IsTeam (boolean) Whether this role represents a user team or not

  • GroupRole (boolean) Whether this role is attached to a Group object

  • UserRole (boolean) Whether this role is attached to a User object

  • LastUpdated (integer) Last modification date of the role

  • AutoApplies (array) List of profiles (standard, shared, admin) on which the role will be automatically applied

  • PoliciesContextEditable (boolean) Whether the policies resolve into an editable state

  • ForceOverride (boolean) Is used in a stack of roles, this one will always be applied last.

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/idmRole

  "AutoApplies": [
  "ForceOverride": true,
  "GroupRole": true,
  "IsTeam": true,
  "Label": "string",
  "LastUpdated": 10,
  "Policies": [
      "Action": "string",
      "Effect": "string",
      "JsonConditions": "string",
      "Resource": "string",
      "Subject": "string",
      "id": "string"
  "PoliciesContextEditable": true,
  "UserRole": true,
  "Uuid": "string"
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