Advanced Logging, Artifacts

Build a custom log or metrics published internally


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Message (message) textarea Your custom message published to logs
Level (level) select, possible values: DEBUG (debug),
INFO (info),
WARN (warn),
ERROR (error)
info Select logger level
Key (zaps.zap_key) string Use an alphanumerical identifier for this field
Value (zaps.zap_value) string Publish a simple string or a json-encoded object.
Value is JSON (zaps.as_object) boolean false If set to true, the Value will be decoded from JSON to be properly stored as Zap. Any basic types are allowed (object, array of objects, integers, ...)
Publish as Artifact (zaps.is_artifact) select, possible values: Other (object) (object),
String (string),
Node (node),
User (user),
Role (role),
Acl (acl),
Workspace (workspace),
Datasource (datasource),
Action Output (output)
Publishing this field as artifact will 'pin' it to the task global summary. You can specify a type to help with display. Note the artifacts are always published to the 'Task' logger.
Artifact Label (zaps.artifact_label) string Give a human-readable label to this artifact
Artifact Display (zaps.artifact_format) select, possible values: Object/String (object),
Objects List (list),
Columnar Data (columns)
object Additional formatting hint for better display (is it an object or a list of objects...?)
Application Log (internalLogger) boolean false Display message in system logs (command line output and pydio.log file)
Audit Log (auditLogger) boolean false Display message in audit log (see Audits in left-hand menu)
Task Log (taskLogger) boolean false Display message in task summary
Metric Name (use underscores) (metrics.metric_name) string Sensor name published to Prometheus
Metric Type (metrics.metric_type) select, possible values: Counter (counter),
Gauge (gauge)
counter Sensor type, either a Counter (perpetual increment) or a Gauge (varying value).
Metric Value (numerical) (metrics.metric_value) string Value to publish, will be converted to Int64
Optional Tags (metrics.metric_tags) string Additional tagging of the sensor, you can use name1:value1,name2:value2, etc.
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