Create Link

Create a public link for the selected node and under a specific user


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
If a link already exists... (onExistsBehavior) select, possible values: load existing link without changes (use),
Update existing link with parameters (update),
Remove and create a new link (remove),
Create a second link (ignore),
Output an error (error)
use What to do if a link exists on resource
Allow Read (accessTypeDownload) boolean true Should be true most of the time
Allow Write (accessTypeUpload) boolean true Let a shared file be editable or a shared folder be writeable.
Custom Label (label) string {{RefLabel}} Leave {{RefLabel}} to use node name
Custom Description (description) string Leave empty to use share date
Password (password) string Protect link with a password
Maximum Downloads (maxDownloads) integer Protect link with maximum number of downloads
Reset Downloads (resetDownloads) boolean When using max download, if link exists, reset downloads number
Expiration Date (expirationDate) integer Protect link with auto-expiration at a given date, use a timestamp
Template for Folders (foldersTemplateName) select, possible values: Standard (file list with application header) (pydio_shared_folder),
Images Gallery (best for photos) (pydio_film_strip),
Drop Files Here (for upload-enabled minisites) (pydio_dropbox_template)
pydio_shared_folder Default view when creating link on folder
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