Request Metadata Filter

Request Metadata Filter is the building block used to build Filters on request Metadata.

Request filtering can be useful for jobs triggered by events, that will carry the initial metadata of the request that triggered the action.

Conditions use the same syntax as security policies.


Label Identifier Type / Allowed Values Comment
Field Name FieldName Remote Address (RemoteAddress),
User Agent (UserAgent),
Content Type (ContentType),
HTTP Protocol (HttpProtocol),
Request Host (RequestHost),
Request Hostname (RequestHostname),
Request Port (RequestPort),
Request Method (RequestMethod),
Request URI (RequestURI),
Cookies String (CookiesString),
Server Time (ServerTime)
Field on which the Condition test will be applied
Condition Condition Date after (DateAfterCondition),
StringPairs equals (StringPairsEqualCondition),
String matches (StringMatchCondition),
Office Hours (OfficeHoursCondition),
Glob Matcher (PathGlobCondition),
Date period (WithinPeriodCondition),
String does not match (StringNotMatchCondition),
String equals (StringEqualCondition),
CIDRCondition (CIDRCondition),
Subject equals (EqualsSubjectCondition),
Resource contains (ResourceContainsCondition),
Boolean Value (BooleanCondition)
One of the available conditions as defined for Security Policies
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