Workspaces Selector

Workspaces Selector is the building block used to build either Queries or Filters on Workspaces.

Workspaces have an important "Scope" attribute: it can be either "ADMIN" (standard workspaces created by admin), "ROOM" (Cells created by users) or "LINK" (public links created by users).

The LastUpdated field takes a comparator value composed of a comparator and a Golang-like duration (e.g. ">10d", "<30d" where d is for days").


Label Identifier Type / Allowed Values Comment
Uuid uuid string Lookup by workspace Uuid
Label label string Lookup by workspace Label
Description description string Lookup by description
Slug slug string Select workspace by slug
Workspace Type scope Any (ANY),
Workspace (ADMIN),
Cell (ROOM),
Public Link (LINK)
Restrict to a specific workspace type
Last updated LastUpdated string Compared to workspace update date (Golang duration with a leading comparator < or >)
Has Attribute HasAttribute string Lookup for the presence of a specific attribute, whatever its value
Attribute Name AttributeName string Lookup for an attribute, to be used in combination with AttributeValue
Attribute Value AttributeValue string Value used for comparison
not not boolean Internal - Negate the query result
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