Live Playground

Although extremely powerful, using templates and remembering all functions can be complicated.

Cells Flows provides a unique Live Playground feature allowing you to test your templates before using them in jobs. In Edit Mode, click on the "Playground" icon at the bottom of the screen:

Playground presentation

You are presented with a "playground" where code is dynamically run. There are 3 zones:

  • Template Code: this is where you type the Golang Template you want to test.
  • Input Message: this JSON is a default value for the {{.Input}} that could be received by any action. Default value displayed here is generally sufficient for basic testing, but you can edit it as well.
  • Output Value: computed on the fly, this is the result of the evaluation of your template with the input JSON passed as data structure.

Inline functions documentation

The playground also provides a nice way to lookup for a certain function and its associated documentation. Use the "Search functions docs" field to find a function, and display its documentation directly inline.

Looking for "to":

Selecting "toJsonMap" function:

Testing Anko Script

Using Anko mixed syntax is not easy, and often requires some test-and-learn cycles to write the correct anko script. Switching the Playground to Anko mode allows you to compile and evaluate a script and detect errors early.

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