User-defined Javascript code for manipulating action data.


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Script Content (script) textarea, possible values: content-type:text/javascript // Compute Output value using :
// + JsonBody: LastOutput.JsonBody unserialized,
// + Vars: Runtime variables,
// + Params: Action parameters defined below

Output = JsonBody
Name (script-params.paramName) string Name of the parameter, can be used in script using Params["Name"]
Value (script-params.paramValue) string Value of the parameter, can use templating
Output Format (output) Possible Values Below jsonbody Where to store output
   • JsonBody (jsonbody) output
   • Variable (variable) output
      - Variable Name (outputVar) string Name of the variable to store

Expected Input

Any input is passed and is made available as input variable to the script

Expected Input

Output as updated by the script inside the output variable

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