Load or Create Cell

Load or Create a Cell from scratch - Use Modify action to attach roots or users


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Output Variable Name (outputVar) string Cell Object is stored in a variable for the next action
Load from inputs or create new (behavior) select, possible values: Find Cell on input Node or create one (node-create),
Find Cell on input Node or fail (node-fail),
Create blank Cell with Label/Description (no roots) (create),
Load Cell from a specific UUID (set below) (uuid)
node-create Choose how to load/create the Cell object
New Cell Label (create-label) string Automated Cell Set a Label for this new Cell
New Cell Description (create-description) string Set a description for this new Cell
Load from UUID (uuid) string Pass an UUID to find Cell
Expiration Date (expirationDate) integer Protect Cell with auto-expiration at a given date, use a timestamp
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