DataSource Selector

DataSource selector can be used to filter some actions based on a specific aspect of a datasource, or to load a list of DataSources with special criteria.


Label Identifier Type / Allowed Values Comment
Name Name string Lookup DataSource by Name
Is Disabled IsDisabled boolean Check if DataSource is Disabled or not
Storage Type StorageType Any (ANY),
Local (LOCALFS),
Remote (REMOTE)
Restrict to a specific Storage Type
Peer Address PeerAddress string Restrict to a specific PeerAddress
Flat Storage FlatStorage boolean Flat datasources (appeared at version 3) store the files in an "object storage" way, instead of keeping the folders structure
Skip sync on restart SkipSyncOnRestart boolean Check if this flag is set
Is Versioned IsVersioned boolean Restrict to DataSource where versioning is enabled
Is Encrypted IsEncrypted boolean Restrict to DataSource where encryption is enabled
Encryption Mode EncryptionMode Clear (CLEAR),
Master-key (MASTER),
User-key (USER),
User-pwd (USER_PWD)
Along with IsEncrypted, restrict EncryptionMode
Encryption Key EncryptionKey string Along with IsEncrypted, lookup by encryption key Id
Versioning Policy VersioningPolicyName string Along with IsVersioned, lookup by versioning policy name
Configuration Key StorageConfigurationName string Lookup a key in the StorageConfiguration map. Frequently used keys: cellsInternal, folder, normalize (refer to the low-level configuration)
Configuration Value StorageConfigurationValue string Combined with StorageConfigurationName, value used for comparison
Object Service ObjectServiceName string Restrict datasource attached to a specific Object service (see Services list)
Not Not boolean Internal - Negate the query result
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