Using Javascript

The powerful Anko scripting language provides access to internals and golang standard libraries for interacting with Cells engine, but has a complex and non-intuitive syntax.

The Javascript action provides a simpler way to write your own piece of script using the Javascript language. It is interpreted by a simple EcmaScript5 engine, and is more suited to manipulate structured data you may have loaded from a file or an external API.


The environment where the script will be executed is fed with the following variables :


  • JsonBody: if action receives a LastOutput with JsonBody, this is decoded from JSON and passed as an interface.
  • Vars: contents of the stacked variables passed along the previous actions
  • Params: locally defined parameters (in the action form)


  • Output: undefined, this is your responsibility to assign something to this variable, as it will be evaluated after the process, and assigned to either JsonBody or a Variable depending on the action setup.

Simple Example

// Retrieve data from incoming JsonBody (we know it's an object containing a list of results), do some processing, and pass along to next action

var rows = => {
    // Do something on each row!

    return modifiedRow

// Assign to "Output" javascript global variable (fixed name) so that it is extracted 
// after the processing and passed to the next action.
Output = rows;

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