Markdown Actions

Markdown Actions: convert MD to HTML or PDF


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Additional Header (header) textarea Additional Header printed after title and before contents, in Markdown (will be converted as content)
Additional Footer (footer) textarea Additional Header printed after contents, in Markdown (will be converted as content)
Base URL (baseURL) string For images or links, prepend this BaseURL if it is defined
Markdown Source (source) Possible Values Below lastOutputRaw Where to get markdown content from. Output is always sent as RawBinary and must be written to file with another action.
   • Incoming Data from LastOutput.RawBody (lastOutputRaw) source
   • Input Node (inputNode) source
   • Custom Path (customPath) source
      - Custom Path (reader_alternatePath) string Set path here if you want to override {{.Node.Path}}
   • Variable Name (var) source
      - Variable Name (reader_varName) string Name of the variable (will look for {{.Vars.VarName}}). String or numbers will be written as is, other types will be converted to JSON automatically.
   • Free Content - set below (free) source
      - Free Content (reader_contents) textarea Type in the content to be used
Command (command) Possible Values Below html Operation to apply
   • Convert To HTML (html) command
      - Complete HTML Page (complete) boolean true Print a full HTML document, otherwise only the converted markdown part
      - HTML Title (title) string HTML Title of the Page (not printed in the document, use the Header bloc if you wish to do so)
      - Generate ToC (printTOC) boolean Generate a Table Of Contents and append it after the title
      - Custom CSS (customCSS) textarea Replace embedded default CSS
   • Convert To PDF (pdf) command
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