Job Trigger Filter

Trigger Filter is useful to group similar tasks under one job and decide what to do based on how the job was triggered.

For example, the thumbnails task will trigger thumbs extraction on Create/Update events, and remove thumbnails on Delete event.


Label Identifier Type / Allowed Values Comment
Scheduled Trigger IsSchedule boolean Event was triggered by a programed schedule
Manual Trigger IsManual boolean Event was triggered manually in the CellsFlows/Scheduler console
Triggered by Webhook IsApiHook boolean Event was triggered by a WebHook (can be in the user space)
Webhook Api Slug ApiHookSlug string Event was triggered by a specific WebHook (by its unique slug)
Run Parameter Name RunParameterName string Filter by a name/value on a runtime defined parameter
Run Parameter Value RunParameterValue string Combined with RunParameterName, value used for comparison
Events EventNames string Event was trigger by one of these Events
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