Shell Command

Perform a console command on the underlying server. If applied to a Cells file, data will be temporarily copied on the server file system to be processed.


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Shell Command (cmd) select Command to be called directly on server underlying OS. Authorized values must be set manually in the application configuration inside defaults/schedulerShellAllowedCommands key.
Parameters (parameters) string List of space-separated parameters to be appended to the command
Store command output (storeOutput) string Path where to store command output
Use temporary folder for input or output (inputTempFile) boolean Pipe file to/from the filesystem inside a temporary folder. Used in conjunction with an input Node, the command parameters can use PYDIO_INPUT_FILE to apply shell command on this file, and PYDIO_OUTPUT_FILE to read an output back to Cells.
Send file to input stream (inputStream) boolean Pipe the input file content to the subprocess STDIN
Read file from output stream (outputStream) boolean Pipe the subprocess STDOUT to retrieve the output file content
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