Load SQL Schema

Load a DB-like schema inferred from data structure


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Output Variable Name (var) string DbDescriptor Name of the variable where schema is stored for further usage. Use {{.Vars.YourVarName}} in next steps
Path of the DB file (load) string Leave empty for an ephemeral DB, it will create a temporary file that will last for this run only. If a path is specified but does not exists, a new DB is created.
Table Name (tableName) string Name of the SQL table
Existing Schema (JSON) (jsonSchema) textarea Load Schema description from an existing JSON (use Go template to target a VarName or JSONBody)
Infer from input (infer) string Use JSONPath to evaluate incoming data. Root object ($) contains $.JsonBody, $.Vars and $.Input
Name (columns.col_name) string Column Name
Sample Value (columns.col_type) string "string" Use a JSON value (e.g. strings are quoted) to force type detection
Default Value (columns.col_default) string Use a JSON value similar to the Sample Type
Additional Tags (columns.col_tags) string Additional information for the SQL column, e.g, index:index_name,unique;primaryKey;not null... See Gorm models definition. To create composite indexes (or uniques) use same index name in multiple columns.
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