DataSource Selector

DataSource selector can be used to filter some actions based on a specific aspect of a datasource, or to load a list of DataSources with special criteria.


Label (internal name) Type
Name (Name) string
Is Disabled (IsDisabled) boolean
Storage Type (StorageType) select, possible values: Any (ANY), Local (LOCALFS), Remote (REMOTE)
Peer Address (PeerAddress) string
Flat Storage (FlatStorage) boolean
Skip sync on restart (SkipSyncOnRestart) boolean
Is Versioned (IsVersioned) boolean
Is Encrypted (IsEncrypted) boolean
Encryption Mode (EncryptionMode) select, possible values: Clear (CLEAR), Master-key (MASTER), User-key (USER), User-pwd (USER_PWD)
Encryption Key (EncryptionKey) string
Versioning Policy (VersioningPolicyName) string
Configuration Key (StorageConfigurationName) string
Configuration Value (StorageConfigurationValue) string
Object Service (ObjectServiceName) string
Not (Not) boolean
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