Export Audits Report

Read audit report and transform to XLSX.

This flows uses an internal gRPC call to the Audit Reports service, transforms the JSON output into XLSX or CSV and stores it in a location of your choice.


Name Type Default Mandatory Description
OutputPath text personal/admin/audit-export-{{now | date "2006-01-02"}}.xlsx true Where to store the output.
RequestLimit integer 1000 true Limit for 'Load Report' request.

Trigger Type


JSON Representation

  "Label": "Export Audits Report||Read audit report and transform to XLSX||mdi mdi-file-excel",
  "Owner": "pydio.system.user",
  "Actions": [
      "ID": "actions.cmd.rpc",
      "Label": "Load Report",
      "Parameters": {
        "method": "reports.ReportsService.ListSharedResources",
        "request": "{\"Limit\": {{.JobParameters.RequestLimit}}}",
        "service": "pydio.grpc.reports"
      "ChainedActions": [
          "ID": "actions.etl.transform",
          "Label": "JSON to XLSX",
          "Parameters": {
            "csv-separator": ",",
            "expand": "",
            "expand_1": "$.Workspaces",
            "expand_2": "$.Workspaces",
            "expand_3": "$.Workspaces",
            "expand_4": "$.Workspaces",
            "expand_5": "$.Workspaces",
            "expand_6": "$.Workspaces",
            "format": "xlsx",
            "input": "jsonbody",
            "jsonpath": "$.Node.Path",
            "jsonpath_1": "$.Workspace.Scope",
            "jsonpath_2": "$.Workspace.Label",
            "jsonpath_3": "$.OwnerUser.Login",
            "jsonpath_4": "$.UsersReadCount",
            "jsonpath_5": "$.UsersWriteCount",
            "jsonpath_6": "$.Workspace.UUID",
            "name": "File/Folder",
            "name_1": "Resource Type",
            "name_2": "Label",
            "name_3": "Owner",
            "name_4": "Readable by",
            "name_5": "Writeable by",
            "name_6": "Workspace ID",
            "selector": "$.Resources"
          "ChainedActions": [
              "ID": "actions.tree.put",
              "Label": "Save Excel File",
              "Parameters": {
                "contents": "",
                "input": "rawbody",
                "target_file": "{{.JobParameters.OutputPath}}"
  "Parameters": [
      "Name": "OutputPath",
      "Description": "Where to store the output.",
      "Value": "personal/admin/audit-export-{{now | date \"2006-01-02\"}}.xlsx",
      "Mandatory": true,
      "Type": "text"
      "Name": "RequestLimit",
      "Description": "Limit for 'Load Report' request.",
      "Value": "1000",
      "Mandatory": true,
      "Type": "integer"
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