Docx Replacement

Replace placeholders inside DOCX document


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Break on Error (breakOnError) boolean true Whether to break or ignore DOCX-specific errors
Input Data or Node (reader) Possible Values Below lastOutputRaw Input must be valid DOCX data
   • Incoming Data from LastOutput.RawBody (lastOutputRaw) reader
   • Input Node (inputNode) reader
   • Custom Path (customPath) reader
      - Custom Path (reader_alternatePath) string Set path here if you want to override {{.Node.Path}}
Placeholder Key (fields.key) string This key will be searched inside the document as {key}
Placeholder Value (fields.value) string This is the final value that will be updated inside the document
Attach Output To... (output) Possible Values Below raw Method for passing the output to the next action, may depend on the data format
   • Raw Body (binary) (raw) output
   • Variable (varBinary) output
      - Name (varName) string Variable Name
      - Data Type (varType) select, possible values: String (dump as string) (string),
Object (decode from JSON) (object),
Array (decode from JSON) (array),
Binary (no conversion) (binary)
string Try to decode data

Expected Input

Docx valid data or file

Expected Input

Updated docx data

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