Files/Folders Selector

Files/Folders selector is the building block used to build either Queries or Filters on Nodes. Node types can be either "File" (LEAF) or "Folder" (COLLECTION).

In the Queries case, depending on the complexity of the query, underlying data loader may directly send request to the internal TreeService or to the Search Engine if metadata are involved. Typically, using bleve-like queries will request the Search Engine, these queries can be built by observing the requests sent by the browser in the main interface Search Engine.


When querying/filtering a structured DataSource, do not forget to filter out ".pydio" hidden files from your queries (using the Basename filter).


Label Identifier Type / Allowed Values Comment
Absolute Paths Paths string List of nodes paths, exactly matching
Path Prefix PathPrefix string Recursive listing of nodes below a given path. Combine with the PathDepth parameter to limit request results
Size greater than MinSize integer Range for file size - size bigger than
MaxSize MaxSize integer Range for file size - size is smaller than
Modified since MinDate integer Range for modification date - node was modified after this date
Modified before MaxDate integer Range for modification date - node was modified before this date
Modification date (use comparison) DurationDate string Compute MinDate/MaxDate with a Golang duration with a leading comparator (> or <)
Duration may contain "s" second, "m" minute, "d" day.
Example: ">10m" for files modified before 10minutes ago
Type Type Any (UNKNOWN),
File (LEAF),
Limit to a given node type (file or folder)
File name FileName string Lookup by file basename
Content Content string Search in textual content (if search engine has this feature enabled)
File name or Content FileNameOrContent string Search in either filename or content (if search engine has this feature enabled)
Bleve-like search string FreeString string Bleve-like search query to search for a specific metadata value.
When querying nodes, this will redirect this query to the Search Engine. When filtering an input, this will load an in-memory bleve engine to evaluate the node.

Bleve query string format is a space separated list of [+-]key:value, where node meta keys must be prepended with "Meta."
For Example, for tags: +Meta.usermeta-tags:myvalue
ETag ETag string Look for a specific ETag value, may only be useful to lookup for files with temporary ETag
File Extension Extension string Search files by their extension, use pipe symbol | if you wish to allow many extensions.
Example png|pdf|jpg
Path Depth PathDepth integer Restrict recursive listing to a given level of the tree starting from root.
Special value "-1" should list only one level in the folder defined by PathPrefix
Node UUIDs UUIDs string Preset list of specific node defined by their UUIDs
Not Not boolean Negate this query
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