Write To File

Write contents to file (inside a datasource or locally)


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Target File Path (target_file) string Full path of the file to write, either inside a datasource or on local FS.
Data Input (reader) Possible Values Below free Select how to load data that will be written.
   • Free Content - set below (free) reader
      - Free Content (reader_contents) textarea Type in the content to be used
   • Input Node (inputNode) reader
   • Custom Path (customPath) reader
      - Custom Path (reader_alternatePath) string Set path here if you want to override {{.Node.Path}}
   • Incoming Data from LastOutput (lastOutput) reader
      - LastOutput Field (reader_lastOutputField) select, possible values: RawBody (rawbody),
JsonBody (jsonbody),
StringBody (stringbody),
ErrorString (errorstring)
rawbody Pick one of JsonBody, RawBody, StringBody or ErrorString
   • Variable Name (var) reader
      - Variable Name (reader_varName) string Name of the variable (will look for {{.Vars.VarName}}). String or numbers will be written as is, other types will be converted to JSON automatically.

Expected Input

Standard input message

Expected Input

New message containing a Success flag

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