Cells Convert Tools

Use Cells Convert Tools remote service to extract thumbnails


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Convert Tools Endpoint (srvUrl) string http://localhost:9997 Full URL to a running instance of Convert Tools (including http)
Read from RawBody (input_raw) boolean false Read data from RawBody instead of reading .Input.Node content
Send to RawBody (output_raw) boolean false Send to RawBody instead of direct writing to file (next field is ignored)
Store converted data to file (with expected extension) (target_path) string thumbnails/{{.Node.Uuid}}.jpg Where to store conversion output
HTTP Method (method) select, possible values: POST (POST),
Restrict stream size (for big files, send only a part) (limitReader) integer-bytes
Name (Parameters.paramName) string Parameter Name
Value (Parameters.paramValue) string Parameter Value
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