Data Transformation

Transform data (input, JSON, or CSV) into JSON, XLSX or CSV


Label (internal name) Type Default Description
Data input (input) select, possible values: Main Input (use selector for e.g $.Users...) (input),
JsonBody (jsonbody),
Raw Data / json-encoded (raw/json),
Raw Data / csv-encoded (raw/csv),
StringBody / json-encoded (stringbody)
jsonbody Source used to compute input data
Root Selector (jsonpath) (selector) string Pre-select a collection of items with jsonpath
Output Format (format) select, possible values: JSON (JsonBody) (json),
CSV (RawBody) (csv),
XLSX (RawBody) (xlsx)
json Format for saving after transformation
Column Name (name) string Column Name
**** () legend [XLSX Only] Sheet and Formulas
Sheet Name (sheet) string Data Excel Sheet Name
Column Letter and $.Current or $.Next for row (formula_column) string Cell Position
**** () legend [CSV Only] Formatting
CSV separator (csv-separator) string , Separator character for CSV input / output

Expected Input

JSON, Raw or CSV Body

Expected Input


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