Administrator Guides

A must-read for getting started with Pydio: installation instructions, Pydio management concepts (workspaces, users, roles) and most used features.

Knowledge Base

This section contains many one-page articles browsing a wide-range of subjects, like installation on a specific OS, security advices, configuration of an 'exotic' plugin, etc...

Developer Guide

If you need to integrate with an in-house users directory, trigger some specific events on each file upload, or just start contributing to the core, this guide is for you.

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Plugins References

Up-to-date list of all plugins provided with Pydio. Displays a description of each plugin and documentation about their parameters.

Rest API's

Access all Pydio features using our Rest API. These can be accessed by command line or session-based clients as well.

Code References

Documentation of Pydio codes (phpDoc, JS Docs). Automatically generated on last stable version.

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Want to contribute?

You found and fixed a serious issue, or just want to contribute your killer plugin? Great! Go to Contribute to follow our contribution guidelines.

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