Desktop Synchronization Tools

Keep files in sync on your desktop

Last stable versions of Pydio / Cells desktop clients

Pick the right tool depending on your server version

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For Pydio Cells servers
Builds available for all platforms, requires additional server-side setup if you are running behind a reverse proxy.
Windows MSI Installer MacOSX DMG Installer Linux Binary (64bit)
For Pydio 8 (php) servers
Kept for compatibility with Pydio PHP servers. For Linux, you have to build from source.
Windows MSI Installer MacOSX DMG Installer
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Install in minutes on Mac / Windows / Linux

OS integration using system tray and a nice webview

TLS communcation to keep your data always safe

[Cells Enterprise] Admins can allow/block sync on a per-workspace basis

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Realtime Synchronization

Synchronize documents in real-time between Cells Server and your computer

Or disable realtime events and schedule time-based sync

Pause/resume all tasks

Detailed progress of all tasks operations

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Advanced options

Sync Task points to a specific workspace and a specific folder 

Sync direction choices: bi-directional / download only (mirror) / upload only (backup)

Choose between realtime sync or time-based schedule, and optionally schedule a full resync 

Selective sync : pick only some specific folders for synchronization

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Multiple Accounts

Connect tool to multiple Cells servers

Create many tasks on each servers

Authentification via OAuth2 process (supports third-party connectors), with automated token refresh.

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Other options

Multi-language support 

In-app updates

Log files management and advanced debug logs

Run CellsSync headless on a server

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