Pydio Enterprise 6.4.0 - Sharing, UX, Performances

Created on 2016/03/30
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Pydio Enterprise 6.4.0 is a stable release introducing many important new features. 

Packages are available as Zip/Tar.gz and our Linux repositories are up-to-date for Debian 7/8, Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL 6 & 7.

New Features


  • Ability to now share files with other users (without creating necessarily a public link)
  • Toggle the visibility of a share inside a common workspace, to let other users edit this share.
  • Rework of the share panel, with direct-click for copy, better expiration date visualisation, and many more!
  • Federated Sharing: allow sharing files and folders accross Pydio instances, and with other software providers implementing this API (currently OwnCloud).

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UI transitioning to Material Design

Following our previous work on the Enterprise Distribution with Material Design guidelines, and listening to your feedback about the UI. Changes are subtle (no big reorganization), but interface should be really clearer.

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Mails Digest 

Avoid receiving tons of emails when watching for a file or folder modification, and opt-in for an hourly/daily/weekly based digest instead. You have to configure a CRON (via built-in scheduler or via command line) to trigger the mail_consume_queue action that will actually send the emails.

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CacheService mechanism

Extension of our previous work with in-memory cache to support many types of key-value stores (apc, memcache, reddis, etc..). We are using the well-established Doctrine Cache component.

Access Drivers reworked

  • WebDAV access driver was entirely rewritten using Guzzle
  • Amazon S3 Access Driver: improved, we now support PHP-SDK v2 and v3. Hook to our Cache Service for better performances.

Please read Pydio Core 6.4.0 Detailed Changelog for more info.

Upgrading to Pydio Enterprise Distribution 6.4.0

[Warning] There is an issue detect in the auth.remote/gluecode.php, if you are using this plugin (generally to make an authentication bridge with your CMS), do not upgrade yet.

Zip / Tar.gz Installations

Go to your Admin Dashboard, you should see an upgrade available. If not, make sure the update "channel" is set to Stable (do not set it to Install Enterprise Edition, this one is only necessary for migrating from community to enterprise.

Linux Packages

1/ Update package

Your package manager (yum / apt-get) should detect a new version available. 

2/ Add new tables in database

Depending on your DB, use one of the following commands

[MYSQL/MARIADB] mysql -u USER -p DATABASENAME < /usr/share/pydio/plugins/core.mailer/create.mysql

[POSTGRESQL] psql -h HOSTNAME -X -U USER -f /usr/share/pydio/plugins/core.mailer/create.pgsql  --echo-all DATABASE_NAME

[SQLITE] cat /usr/share/pydio/core.mailer/create.sqlite | sqlite3 /var/lib/pydio/data/plugins/conf.sql/pydio.db

3/ Add access to new workspace "Shared Files"

As we added the ability to share files internally, you need to give access to a new workspace that will display all the files "shared with me", to all your users. Edit the Root Group role and provide RW access to Inbox workspace.



  • Pydio Enterprise 6.4.0 - Tgz Archive [Authentication Required] - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio Enterprise 6.4.0- Zip Archive [Authentication Required] - No Arch : Download

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