Pydio Enterprise 7.0.1 - Bug Fixes

Created on 2016/10/26
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Pydio 7 is a full overhaul of the PHP code, raising the standards, improving performances and making the platform more modular than ever. We also introduce a new separate tool called Pydio Booster, written in Go, removing php limits and easing the deployment of WebSockets.

Please

Pydio 7.0.1 is a small bugfix release for blocking issues of pydio 7 depending on php version. 

  • Fix installer form if "output_buffering" is not disabled (details)
  • Remove check for aws.phar file in the access.s3 directory. Fix #1257 (details)
  • Another "incompatible declaration" error was silently breaking s3 on PHP7. (details)
  • Unused resource (details)
  • php 5.5.9 issue, count(false) returns true, making RolesList empty. (details)
  • Check php version: 5.6 is finally required for enterprise dist, because of ioncube loaders. (details)
  • Fix case sensitive rename (details)
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