AjaXplorer Android Client v1.1 released

Created on 2012/10/20
Release Type: 
Thanks to the team growing, we've been able to release at last a new version of the Android client for AjaXplorer, fixing bugs that were longly reported. This release is available on Google Play Store.
Major changes :
  • Implement missing features : pagination, copy, force login even if guest login is enabled.
  • Fix password not urlencoded (problems with +, ?, #, etc...)
  • POST without index.php is failing on some servers (always add index.php)
  • Share zip files.
  • Added a confirmation before deleting files.
  • Downloads : abort / clear / open directly downloaded files.Update will be automatic on the installed devices.

Update will be automatic for installed devices.

Get the app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pydio.android.Client