Pydio Cells 1.4.1 - Massive performance improvements

Created on 2019/03/06
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This release provides a huge performance gain by fixing a piece of code that was basically hogging the CPU...
Upgrade quickly, your hardware will thank you!


  • Fixed CPU consumption in Idle mode
  • Fixed high number of SQL Prepared Statements, it should have an impact on the DB footprint
  • Lowered BigCache initial memory as it is not necessary, instrument cache for publishing metrics: overall RAM footprint is much lower now


  • Removed some annoying limitations with networking at install:
    • Do not prevent start when "no private IP is found" (but show a warning instead)
    • Support Hostname in datasources to avoid having to restart them manually if IP is changing (typically on a container restart)
  • Improve flexibility in defining internal/external URLs for reverse-proxy cases
  • Updated go-sql plugin for MySQL 8 support
  • Added new command-line to manage databases definitions, to avoid manual edition of pydio.json


  • Fixed policies when using cells-ctl tool to create users
  • New UX was breaking on Firefox 52. You should not be using that version, but some organizations do not have the choice
  • Refactor common/utils package into specific sub-packages (to follow #golang best practices)
  • Removed support for Consul for the moment, as it was half-baked
  • [ED] XLSX/CSV export was broken in Firefox

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.


Use the in-app tool for automatically upgrading the binary, then restart your service. Do not forget the `setcap` command if you are listening to port 80 or 443 before restarting!


  • Pydio Cells 1.4.1 - Linux - AMD64 - Linux 64bits : Download
  • Pydio Cells 1.4.1 - MacOS - AMD64 - Mac : Download
  • Cells Enterprise 1.4.1 - Linux - AMD64 - Linux : Download
  • Cells Enterprise 1.4.1 - MacOSX - AMD64 - Mac : Download
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