Pydio Cells 4.0.0 Release Candidate (rc7)

Created on 2022/10/12
Release Type: 

This is a new Release Candidate for v4. We are getting closer to General Availability!

See previous release candidate RC5 for information about v4 major changes.

  • Fixing fork deregister
  • Scheduler: RPC error handling
  • Fix a few forgotten messages + almost 100% Brazilian thanks to @filhocf
  • Build ARM binaries from AMD build agent
  • Fix keystore permissions on Windows (upgrade v3 => v4)
  • Recover websocket handler errors (closed chan)
  • Fix missing uuid for hash copy
  • Scheduler: clean tasks/subscriber code, simplify ListJobs dao signature
  • Capture context cancelled while listing endpoints in sync, allowing to stop long indexation processes
  • Add mutexes on ACL internals
  • Monitor zaps slices / remove the hard limit on roles listing (cherry-pick from v3)
  • Avoid any login issue after upgrade by using a new local token name.
  • Improve README for docker/compose/ha


  • Pydio Cells 4.0.0-rc7 - Linux - AMD64 - Linux 64bits : Download
  • Pydio Cells 4.0.0-rc7 - MacOS - AMD64 - Mac : Download
  • Pydio Cells 4.0.0-rc7 - Windows - AMD64 - Windows 64bits : Download
  • Pydio Cells 4.0.0-rc7 - Linux - ARM64 - Linux : Download
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