AjaXplorer 5.0.0

Created on 2013/06/07
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Old Release Note

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of this new major version of AjaXplorer. It's been hard work for a couple of monthes now, with many intermediate dev releases to have reports and suggestions back from you. This release contains bugfixes from the 4.3.4, see the Detailed Changelog.


  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2013
  • Version number : 5.0.0
  • Download Core : ajaxplorer-core-5.0.0.zip or ajaxplorer-core-5.0.0.tar.gz
  • Linux packages are available in the 'stable' channel.
  • Upgrade : automatic upgrades are available, from both 4.3.4 and 4.2.3, see below for additional instructions.
  • Demo : https://demo.pyd.io/
  • Contributor(s) : mattlef, piterdias, ultreia-es, chusopr, sabas, kainv, dmitrydvorkin, tbote
  • Requirement : php5.3 and upper

Major changes (from v4)

  • GUI Entirely reskined : the main zones are now much more intuitive, also only the most important are immediately accessible. Responsiveness at heart, and still the template mechanism.
  • Notifications & Events
  • New sharing features : share folder as a public minisite on an alternate URL
  • Groups managements, AD/LDAP enhanced
  • Users accounts & profiles, expandable through plugins, mappable to external directories
  • Ultra-flexible admin configuration : disable an action or update a plugin parameter value at group, user or role level.
  • API documentation available in the interface
  • WebDAV server component totally replaced by SabreDAV
  • And many more...

Upgrade from 4.X to 5.0.0

This upgrade is quite major. It's is automatized as usually, but you could encounter some weirdnesses. Read carefully below before upgrading.

  1. Backup the application files, and make sure the running instance is writeable by the server
  2. Upgrade using the Settings panel button.
  3. If you see errors or white page, kill your session by clearing your browser cookies (and more generally your browser cache). Try also clearing the server cache (data/cache/plugins_*.ser and data/cache/i18n/*_messages.ser).
  4. Refresh the page, you should see the new theme appear.
  5. To migrate from the horrid "bootstrap_plugins.php" file to a more human-friendly GUI for the basic plugins (AUTH, CONF), we introduced a new layer in the configurations management. But to avoid letting you down after upgrade, until the bootstrap_plugins.php file is there, if you try to edit the configs via the Main AjaXplorer Options node in the Settings panel, your edits will not be taken into account. Rename the php file to something else (bootstrap_plugins.php.orig), and this will allow you to configure the AUTH & CORE plugins via the "Authentification Options" and "Configuration Management" panels.
  6. If you don't see the new GUI theme, go the Core Configs > Global Configurations > Extensions > Gui > Client Driver, and make sure the "Theme" parameter is set to "vision".

Detailed Changelog from 4.3.4

  • Some instructions for the migration in the various possible setups
  • Auth.remote : use the standard "Login Redirect" parameter
  • Add DB upgrade in common tasks. …
  • Missing groupPath column in repo
  • Fix Proxy config broken in Upgrader
  • Notification feed : fix button out of reach on Chrome, by making it b… …
  • Include autoloading of the wrapper inside AJXP_Node->loadNodeInfo() ,… …
  • Goto was broken if not using a repository alias
  • Fix notifications pointing to a wrong repository, or trying to load a… …
  • Stable migration
  • Detect AJXP_GROUP_PATH_FLAT as GROUP security scope. …
  • Missing workspace groupPath in SQL implementation …
  • Detect the Instructions.html during the automatic build (inside the d… …
  • Display a set of HTML instructions after upgrade, if found inside the… …
  • Add a release note to be displayed BEFORE upgrade …
  • Fix #161 & last compile
  • Fix #135
  • Fix #157
  • Use "." instead of "*" to make sure to copy .htaccess - to be verified
  • Fix #158 and other translation problems …
  • Fix #159 …
  • Test for __PHP_Incomplete_Class in session AJXP_USER, and kill the se… …
  • Shared file notification was broken by new hash short form
  • Fix XML templates for umbra theme
  • Avoid SQL error if a user has no repository accesses
  • Fix Notification Menu being out of the viewport …
  • Fix doctype for IE8
  • access.webdav : fix #51 by dmitry dvorkin
  • meta.quota : use float instead of int to overcome 32bits limitation. … …
  • action.share : fix #136 …
  • Spanish translation, by tbote
  • Merge pull request #153 from kainv/patch-9 …
  • Fix Minisite rights problems : were in fact happening at specific rol… …
  • Send correct header for IE (fix #131)
  • New parameter DISABLE_ZIP_BROWSING …
  • Merge pull request #143 from ultreia-es/ajaxplorer-core-issue-143 …
  • Should fix #141
  • Fix markdown lists and code
  • Catch null repository error
  • Fixed SQL typo in previous commit 25594b1.
  • Update README
  • Toggle right-hand panel
  • Query sorted repositories list.
  • Fix #143: Missing ';' after first CREATE statement.
  • Fix install patches copy
  • Fix CP & Patches
  • Update script
  • Fix metastore.xattr
  • Move scripts under /rhs/ folder
  • Touch check.txt directly
  • Update RHS scripts
  • Activate restParams for upload action.
  • Re-adapt upload processor to handle a rest call.
  • Simple Basic http auth for the rest.php point (still disabled by defa… …
  • Fix metadata check to avoid false positives bookmarks
  • Deploy script of AjaXplorer on top of an RHS node
  • Update LDAP driver to better support Groups, in both AD & LDAP contex… …
  • Avoid foreach error if childrenPointer is not an array
  • Fix #134: Avoid redeclaring TestAccess classes.
  • chusopr authored 12 days ago
  • Right panel folding
  • Fix #111
  • Make sure to set defaultexcludes to "false" for fileset, otherwise fo… …
  • Update groupPath of children users (fix #125), filter roles before sa…
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