Pydio 6 beta2 (5.3.4) - Dev Release

Created on 2014/10/30
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  • Pydio core 5.3.4 ZIP Archive - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio core 5.3.4 TAR.GZ Archive - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio core 5.3.4 RPM File - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio core 5.3.4 DEB Archive - No Arch : Download

This is yet another development release, on the road to stability for v6. A massive bugfix and translation update for previous dev release. Thanks to all testers and contributors! Upgrading is available on dev channel from both last dev release (5.3.3) and last stable release (5.2.5): upgrading from v5.2.5 stable should be done in a staging environment only, but would it be helpful to test it and report us feedbacks about migration process.

Thanks again to all contributors!

The new welcome page

The new welcome page


  • Date: Oct, 31st 2014
  • License: Affero GPL
  • Download: from Sourceforge
  • Copyright: Charles du Jeu 2014
  • Upgrade: In-app upgrade from previous dev branch
  • Contributors: c12simple, cdujeu, Ellega, parski, martinshaible, ikho, DutchCloud4Work, DepaMarco, AnaelMobilia, mtskar, Vorlif, Nold360, rmxcc

Upgrade Process

  • Archive-based installs (zip/tar.gz):
    • First switch the "Update Engine" channel (in the plugin options) to the "Development" channel.
    • From 5.3.3 (dev) : automatic with in-app upgrade, only files are impacted.
    • From 5.2.5 (stable) : automatic with in-app upgrade. HOWEVER, make sure to backup both your DB and your files.
  • Linux packages (deb/rpm)
    • Package is available in the testing channel for both repositories.
    • Database migration for going from Stable to Dev is not performed automatically, please use this script to manually upgrade your DB.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added encodeURIComponent() on file and dir url (details)
  • Update class.AudioPreviewer.js (details)
  • Update class.SMPlayer.js (details)
  • Fix #645: thumbnail generation for JPEG images fail with latest PHP version (details)
  • Tilde in filename is breaking auth due to the PHP rawurlencode() not encoding them following RFC3986 (details)
  • Update plugin_doc.html (details)
  • Fixed: Yubikey-Auth is working again (details)
  • Fix tabbed editor unnecessary border (details)
  • Create ru.php (details)
  • access.ajxp_conf expanded and revised (details)
  • revised german translation (details)
  • access.ajxp_shared improve grammar (details)
  • access.ajxp_user rebase (details)
  • access.fs german translation (details)
  • access.sftp german translation (details)
  • access.webdav german translation (details)
  • action.avatar german translation (details)
  • Create files for german translation (details)
  • Expansion of the german translation (details)
  • German translation correction (details)
  • Fix query that was broken in fullscreen mode (details)
  • Update JS interface IAxjpNodeProvider and all its implementation with missing method. (details)
  • Sanitize file name in WebODF plugin (details)
  • Update SabreDAV to 1.8.10 (details)
  • Update ru.php (details)
  • German tanslatin (details)
  • Optionally pass a defaultSortColumn in FetchedResultPane, use it in AjxpDataGridEditor (details)
  • Update ru.php (details)
  • Fix graphsViewer resizing issue for IE (details)
  • revert (details)
  • Eventually force a secure token through session, can be used to sub-call the ui for PDF generation (details)
  • Add Italian translation for plugin 'auth.phpbb' (details)
  • Italian translation for plugin 'auth.radius' (details)
  • Italian translation for plugin 'auth.remote' (details)
  • Fix isWriteable function (details)
  • Fix rename() (details)
  • Test that exif_read_data exists in PThumb orientation functions. Added a startup test to suggest installing this PHP extension. Fix #664 (details)
  • Update phpCAS version 1.3 stable (details)
  • Fix domain separator. User decide to use / or \ (details)
  • Handle multiple selection in InfoPanel : display simple elements previews, plus the standard action bar inc. Download button. Fix #653 (details)
  • Decorate "Click here" (details)
  • Restore folding of the right ("info") panel. And thus restore Download and Share actions in the right-click menu. Added an optional foldingMinSize to splitter to keep a different minSize in unfolded mode. Fix #656 (details)
  • Fix logout button (details)
  • Rename Dashboard to "My Account", more intuitive. Fix #655 (details)
  • Fix Resource not Allowed error in webodf frame (details)
  • Better widget detroy (guiActions and focusables were not cleanly deregistered). TODO: check legacy themes, the FilesList actions have moved from default to id-actions actionbargroup. (details)
  • Update class.CAS_LoginForm.js (details)
  • Save Expand state - Fix #669 (details)
  • Fix WebODF file sanitization (details)
  • Fix URL Shorteners - Tested with service - Fix #649 (details)
  • Pixlr have changed their domain to - Fix #500 (details)
  • Fix InfoPanel scroller Display a "locate" button near to the small map Geolocation Fix race bug of edition by NOT selecting new nodes if a modal is currently running. Fix #225 (details)
  • Manual merge of #600 (details)
  • Fix #654 (details)
  • Update french translation (harmonization & quality) (details)
  • Update class.CAS_LoginForm.js (details)
  • Update manifest.xml (details)
  • Update class.CasAuthFrontend.php (details)
  • Update class.CAS_LoginForm.js (details)
  • Fix GraphsViewer resizing issues. There's a deeper D3 issue to be fixed. (details)
  • Last compile with prototype update (details)
  • Fix #486 (details)
  • Update french translation (harmonization & quality) (details)
  • Update (details)
  • Fix errors in FilesList action naming. userExists function: make sure to translate to integer the SQL result, can create problems with sqlite. (details)
  • Optionally pass a LEGEND to replace the default chart legend indicating "All" (details)
  • modify log function (details)
  • Typo (minor) (details)
  • Typo (minor) (details)
  • Update french translation (harmonization & quality) (details)
  • Clean-up for Thumbs.db files (minor) (details)
  • Update french translation (harmonization & quality) (details)
  • ajxp -> pydio (french translation) (details)
  • Fix graphics resize on FF (details)
  • Italian translation for plugin 'conf.sql' (details)
  • FIX English translations for plugins 'auth.sql' and 'conf.sql' (details)
  • FIX some other English translations (details)
  • Updated Italian translation for plugin 'core.ajaxplorer' (details)
  • Added Italian translation for plugin 'core.auth' (details)
  • Map/filter role_id with ldap multi-value attribute (details)
  • Copy operation was wrongly handled by ChangesTracker (details)
  • Pass "Range" headers to the stat_hash action to get a partial hash of a file. Used for resumed downloads (details)
  • Add partial_upload support (in conjunction with appendo_urlencoded_part) for resuming uploads (details)
  • Clean unnecessary comment (details)
  • Php doc (details)
  • Update nl.php (details)
  • Update manifest.xml (details)
  • Fix wrong test creating false positive - should be ported to master branch... (details)
  • Fix s3 wrapper old "nullifying stat" code. Was breaking file_exists() on directory (and thus directory sharing). Should fix #679 (details)
  • Create nl.php (details)
  • Update nl.php (details)
  • Remove the html content template on mkfile action - could be eventually replaced by a generic templating mechanism (details)
  • Set additional parameter on mkfile to force overriding existing file (details)
  • Fix previous translations problems. Warning, DO NOT USE escaped quotes in conf translations, as they are breaking XML when reinserted in manifests parameters! (details)
  • Update nl.php (details)
  • Do not trigger a recursive indexation by default, pass a specific parameter (details)
  • Fix Orbit theme potential resizing problem when resize is called before CSS is applied. (details)
  • Totally replace old proto.history by Backbone router - Wire router to current context node path (details)
  • Fix Shares edition in user and admin dashboard: legacy shares were broken - disable "Update" button, leave only invite & stop active. Fix #648 (details)
  • Ajxp_conf does not support atomic refresh - Fix #682 (details)
  • Fix password change look - Close #673 (details)
  • Should fix #678 (details)
  • Fix S3 driver to load underlying wrappers during detectStreamWrapper (details)
  • Fix router for root folder (details)
  • Fix usage of document href with # in it. (details)
  • Add user / group identifier in listing - Close #479 (details)
  • Fix display in workspace admin. Introduce a new component to make pretty select boxes (Chosen). Fix #628 tooltips not replicated. (details)
  • Work on responsiveness & web mobile (details)
  • Add some styling on pydio buttons on Etherpad. (details)
  • Add an option to disable address book in user account panel (details)
  • Avoid js error on logout (new router side effect) (details)
  • Fix translation problem (german string inside en files!) (details)
  • Fix modal resizing issue (details)
  • Update image (details)
  • Fix errors induced by the FilesList actions "actionBar" renaming (from default to id-actions) (details)
  • Forgotten to parent method (details)
  • Typo in new Exif test - Fix #686 (details)
  • Do not display update button for metadata is repository is read-only (details)
  • Sanitize and lowercase custom share handle (details)
  • Fix addressbook/teams tab ordering Fix Webdav pane display and scrolling Basic implementation of Teams handling: add / remove users with auto-completion. To be finished. (details)
  • Fix CKEditor: hash in URL was breaking the load, set the CKEDITOR_BASEPATH manually (details)
  • Fix CKEditor: hash in URL was breaking the load, set the CKEDITOR_BASEPATH manually (details)
  • Fix goTo: if current context is already the correct one, unnecessary to go to it. If isLeaf but browsable archive, still go to folder content. (details)
  • Fix selectbox padding for FF (details)
  • Shake effect on login error Fix loading folder old blue icon in orbit Fix team edition (details)
  • Update i18n (details)
  • Fix Share reload in user dashboard (losing group sorting) Populate countries list with a json file (new json_file: prefix for choices parameter) Fix FF search result displaying no result. Last compile (details)
  • Fix Diaporama Left / Right arrows and disabled buttons state. (details)
  • Loading optimization: add a #NO_MINI has in the css or js lists to avoid minification when it's not possible, but still put all css in one unique file. Should fix #687 by the way (details)
  • move chosen resources (details)
  • Fix IE dashboard sizing (details)
  • Adapt gui_debug.html for css placement. Close #687 (details)
  • Serialized php must be stored as bytea in PGSql - close #680 (details)
  • My Account: disabling WebDav pane was disabling Team Pane as well, use a finer XPath. (details)
  • Fix mailer testing - Missing description on boot.conf plugin (details)