Pydio 8.0.1 - Bugfixes

Created on 2017/06/08
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This is a bugfix for Pydio 8.0.0, here are the most noticeable changes:

  • Fix wrong path separator, triggering error on open_basedir (details)
  • Fixing pdfjs editor for Safari (details)
  • Fix Film Strip Template (details)
  • Added new translation keys (user frontend) (details)
  • Fix force password reset (details)
  • Fix home links for sync apps (details)
  • Add setting to disable the Welcome Tour. Fix #1350 (details)
  • Change full screen : make browser full screen, not desktop full screen. Switch fullscreen by default on mobile. (details)
  • WS List: Make Root Node droppable - Show a circular progress when loading workspace (details)
  • Fix team share rights lost on edition - Close #1352 (details)
  • Editor.pdfjs : change order with imagick, and use Imagick badge if available. (details)
  • Add a scrollToView behaviour on list (details)
  • Improve task display and upload global progress Add a way to change user groupPath with api v2. (details)
  • Add a quick "type-and-search" feature for roles list. (details)
  • Detect free value not submitted in mailer and auto-submit. (details)
  • Fix reload in admin - Fix DND in admin. (details)
  • Fix Breadcrumb display when in RecycleBin Fix "Empty" action appearing only if a file is selected. Upgrade "Index" icon. (details)
  • Set fixed width to fix #1356 (details)
  • Do not send back hash after upload by default, not used by any sdk's yet - Optional "hash" parameter now. (details)
  • Add page-based pagination to full directory in address book. (details)
  • Add setting to choose what to display in the user directory in addressbook (details)
  • Fix notification sent to parent when parent is a template - could possibly break the hooks loop, preventing email. (details)
  • Wrong secure token on download. (details)
  • Fix smb throw error and block access via webdav (details)
  • Fixing video resize (details)
  • Fixing diaporama orientation (details)
  • Fix webdav enable all users options (details)
  • Add setting to disable widget bar in home page. Adapt welcome tour accordingly. (details)
  • ...


Upgrading is done via the in-app upgrader or YUM on Centos7 systems. For in-app upgrade, if you don't see any available package, make sure that the update channel is set to "Stable".

See Pydio 8 Release Note to learn more about the major version.

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