Pydio core 5.2.1

Created on 2014/02/07
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Pydio 5.2.1

This is a minor release, fixing issues introduced in last major stable 5.2.0, upgrade is recommended and should be straightforward.


  • Make sure $driver is not empty when loading node info, can lead to a stuck interface (details)
  • Filter repositories labels (details)
  • API Documentation update for fsActions (details)
  • Massive update of serverCallbacks SdkGenerator class to generate Swagger-compatible JSON description of the API. #WIP - (details)
  • Basic testing by prepending a repository id to the api "paths" (details)
  • Change AJXP_APPLICATION_TITLE to PYDIO_APP_TITLE to avoid replacement by standard varsFilter, otherwise it can trigger unexpected XML problems. (details)
  • Fix i18n switch at user login - list was emptied. (details)
  • Mozilla events for end of animation are all lowercase. Search Engine was not correctly triggering background jobs (indexation...) Fix wrong XML by not closing Tree if indexation launched with inner_apply parameter Let read only users trigger the "index" action on a workspace All this is a start for #435 - Indexation still not triggered from parent WS in shared WS. More complex here. (details)
  • The return of magicDequote (details)
  • Useless pass-by-reference in fromPostedFilename() function (details)
  • Get base instead of document.location.href if the tag is defined. Should fix #433 (details)
  • Correct the boolean handling (details)
  • Fix #444: multiple CKEditor instances (details)
  • Make sure to handle the "BASE" tag instead of document.location.href, should be an util function - Fix 404 for opening images in external window. (details)
  • Fix #450 (details)
  • Fix #447 Minisites deleted from user dashboard are not correctly removed. (details)
  • Fix #335 downloading with powerFS from left pane Fix #432 disable powerfs plugin when in share link download context (details)
  • Configure user dashboard logo Fix old "ajaxplorer" mention Fix download_all action overriding the download keyboard shortcut (details)
  • Fix Chrome 32 drag'n'drop bug - Close #426 (details)
  • Dist: make sure to clear i18n cache after rpm/deb update. Update AJXP_PACKAGING variable for deb packages to avoid in-app upgrade. (details)
  • Fix external mailer button in folder sharing (details)
  • Fix #452 (details)
  • Base work for direct monitoring of the filesystem using watchdog (details)
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