Pydio Core 6.2.1 - Compatibility & Bugfix

Created on 2015/12/09
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As expected after the major release of Pydio 6.2, Pydio Core 6.2.1 is a bugfix release providing compatibility fixes for non-standard plugins to the core.

See complete changelog below. 


If you have already upgraded to Pydio 6.2.0, upgrade is straightforward using the in-app Update Engine.

Otherwise, we highly recommend reading the 6.2.0 upgrade instructions first!


  • Some servers do not return the "." value, send a fake stat in that case by grabing the stat from AJXP_DATA_PATH. (details)
  • Fix tab char in sql script (details)
  • [action.disclaimer] Make sure to invalidateLoadedRepositories() after updating the lock value. (details)
  • [access.fs] Fix is_readable call for folders inside API. Fix #988 (details)
  • try catch every single file when we extract an archive (details)
  • Update website (details)
  • Update (details)
  • [meta.syncable] Fix a wrong flatten case when deleting/restoring to/from the recycle bin. (details)
  • Fix shortcuts disabling on SearchEngine. Fix #994 (details)
  • Fix Root Group management issues. (details)
  • Change DefaultRights management: update Root Group, do not update personal roles anymore, otherwise it always takes precedency on parent groups/roles. Do not skip the AJXP_CLEAR_VALUE, set to the merged role. (details)
  • Fix display in search engine leaving the group headers on empty result. (details)
  • Observable: make a copy of observers otherwise if there are many observeOnce ones they are not correctly applied. (details)
  • Typo in EmptyNodeProvider Fix user history and ?goTo= mechanism. If skip_user_history is fale, use goTo, otherwise use URL directly. (details)
  • User dashboard, switch action bars to dataModelElementId instead of global events. (details)
  • Admin Panel: to not list Templates in group/roles ACL - Fix Legacy shares listing not properly filtered. (details)
  • Core.* plugins should be appended at the beginning of active lists. Fix compatibility of remote logout with 6.2.X : add a forbidOverride attribute to block further merge in registry, otherwise session_login logout action will always take precedency. (details)
  • Fix load binary (details)
  • Make too short string smaller in french (details)
  • Add include Hook for to load and update user info (details)
  • Fix update template label (details)
  • Pass a scope string or a repository object to getFilteredOption() to test on the AJXP_REPO_SCOPE_SHARED scope if necessary. (details)
  • Fix typo in ENABLE_FOLDER_SHARING value testing Fix check for USER_SHARED_USERS_LIMIT on mergedRole instead of personalRole (details)
  • Update getFilteredOption signature (details)
  • Unused images - Fix #1001 (details)
  • Glob can return false on error, we should check before running a foreach. (details)
  • [action.share] Reset max download and max expiration time Fix #1004 (details)
  • Fix CAS button in login interface in 6.2 (details)
  • Add method groupExists() instead of using listChildrenGroups() as it can create a recursivity in auth.ldap. (details)
  • Add method groupExists() implement in serial and sql confdriver (details)
  • Fix loop in creation of groupPath (details)
  • [editor.pdfjs] Fix for IE when Pydio is inside an iFrame. (details)
  • [auth] When guest is enabled, make sure to invalidateLoadedRepositories() at login time, otherwise they are already in the session. Fix #1002 (details)
  • [gui.ajax] FilesList: add bulkUpdating mode to avoid triggering initRows() on each child_added event. (details)
  • [gui.ajax] Always limit search engine to 100 results by default, use bulkUpdating when parsing results, and display the total count plus a "show all" link. (details)
  • [index.lucene] Send a tag in results if limit is set and number of hits is cut. (details)
  • Compiled version of css (details)
  • [editor.pdfjs] Add fake file name parameter to the file url passed to pdfjs, to have a correct info in the pdfjs properties viewer. (details)
  • [phpversion test] Update php version to 5.4. (details)
  • [gui.ajax] InfoPanel : display node label instead of basename if set. (details)
  • Revert previous core plugins reordering issues (details)
  • Fix actions disabling merging (details)
  • [core.ajaxplorer] Update default WEBDAV_BASEURI as it was still /ajaxplorer/share. (details)
  • [meta.git] Remove dependency to meta.svn plugin (details)
  • [css] Fix contrast on history browser (details)
  • [action.scheduler] Create simple react dashboard for enterprise admin panel. Just trigger same ol' actions. (details)
  • [utils] getWorkspaceShortcutUrl use "?goto=" or "/ws-" depending on the skip_user_history status. (details)
  • [AuthService] Avoid error if trying to execute tryToLogUser(). Log to error though. [authfront.webftp] Fix login form not closing after successfull login. (details)
  • [ConfService] Use a dedicated UserAlertException to send back OAuth message and avoid removing temporary failing workspace from the list. Use it in access.dropbox driver. (details)
  • Update package.json versions (details)
  • [action.updater] Point to new update site (details)
  • [access.ajxp_conf] Fix strange horizontal scrolling (details)
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