Pydio Core 6.2.2 - Bugfixes Release

Created on 2016/01/20
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Pydio Core 6.2.2 is another bugfix release providing compatibility fixes for non-standard plugins to the core. See complete changelog below. Upgrade can be applied either using In-App updater (for Zip / Tar.gz installs) or using your Linux package management tool (yum / apt-get). In the first case, make sure to point to the "Stable" branch. 

Big thanks to the following contributors for this release: cdujeu, c12simple, Isma91, floffel03, rbrdevs, DepaMarco, Ellega, connorhu, svetlemodry, Salva-G, huzergackl, ninetiger99. Olivier Paroz, Stéphane Chadeyron.

Noticeable changes

  • Over-agressive caching could end up creating issues in IE when switching workspaces
  • Security: sanitization strengthen for potential XSS attacks.
  • Fix regression on "Remember Me" switch
  • Fix Video Player for FireFox
  • Joomla Bridge Compatibility (broken by last Joomla version).

Detailed Changelog

  • Update Italian translation for plugins: 'access.ajxp_conf', 'action.compression', 'action.share', 'core.ajaxplorer', 'core.notifications' (details)
  • Take the active mailer plugin , not the first that comes (details)
  • [core.mailer] Update the class which takes the active mailer plugin (details)
  • [conf.sql / access.ajxp_user] Improve Team management. (details)
  • Websocket: if there's an internal BIND address, it's most likely the address the php server will have to connect to. Added a Todo to handle REST auth. (details)
  • Unserialization can fail on some systems, make sure to reload role if it's not an object after waking up object. (details)
  • Fix SFTP username containing dash character (git issue #1014) (details)
  • [gui.user] Fix display & i18n message (details)
  • [gui.ajax] Create a "legacy" version of the bundle without ReactDND, and add fallbackCondition and fallbackFile in the js/css ressources to load alternative versions. (details)
  • Make test on personalRole stronger if there is an error at deserialization time. (details)
  • IE Caching policy is too agressive, we have to add some random ID to force reload sometime. (details)
  • Renamed constructor for PHP7 compatibility (details)
  • Update CLA URL (details)
  • Handle repository with deleted parent. Should fix #1025 (details)
  • Typo in getRelatedNotifications() method (not used). (details)
  • Update (details)
  • [core.notifications] fix getRelatedNotifications() (details)
  • Fix #1019 (details)
  • Util function to get user label either from role directly or from user object. (details)
  • Fixed recursive indexation issue with FTP workspaces. (details)
  • Wrappers must declare isSeekable() to enable listing optimizations in fsAccessDriver. (details)
  • Make sure not to load an indexed document if the meta.change event comes from a "delete" operation. (details)
  • Enforce sanitization of user id when sending to error log. (details)
  • Update window.MessageHash when changing i18n. Alternative fix #1021 (details)
  • Typo in rest parameter for role_update_right (details)
  • Pass optional parameters to the node->load() method. (details)
  • Pass optional cursor parameter to the logs. SQL logger can use it as a query limiter to only load data starting from a given id. Return cursor attribute in XML as well. (details)
  • Use udevil to mount instead of sudo (details)
  • Improve performance: caching ldap search result in class static variable (details)
  • Improve notifications on shared resources - Separate Location from the notifications - Avoid empty label in Alerts feed. (details)
  • Better catch of imagick call error. (details)
  • Fix tmp folder for unoconv (details)
  • Strip only left space on dirname - Fix #1023 (details)
  • Imagick: Parameters should follow convert command. (details)
  • Fix rewind on SchemeTranslator wrapper - Prevent editing meta on non-writeable resource. (details)
  • [auth.remote] Make sure to keep the initial session.save_handler - Fix Joomla connector. (details)
  • Joomla plugin: make sure to switch back to previous session, as the session content is saved in register_shutdown_handler. (details)
  • Compute locationType when setting node, so that it can be serialized/unserialized (details)
  • Do not cache Sharing configs - Fix #1013 (details)
  • Make sure to use === when comparing to constants, or repo 0 can be considered as repo_scope_all. Enable kvcaching in non-rest controller. (details)
  • [ShareCenter] Fix unshare workspaces from My Account zone - Fix readonly mode not being switched correctly in some case. (details)
  • Registry Cache Key : repo can be null. (details)
  • Fix Exif metadata display in InfoPanel when no GPS parameter is defined in the plugin or no GPS data is present in photo. (details)
  • Fix regression on contextual menu content and default item display. (details)
  • Fix regression on "Remember Me" feature. (details)
  • Replace pydio.getController().parseXmlMessage() by PydioApi.getClient().parseXmlMessage. Same for triggerDownload() moved as static method on PydioApi. (details)
  • Fix Eml Attachment Download. (details)
  • Replace all Controller.parseXmlMessage calls by PydioApi.getClient().parseXmlMessage in manifests. (details)
  • Replace ' by " to avoid label truncating on users/teams listing. Better sanitization and error catching on Team creation. (details)
  • Prevent editor.browser to open SVG files directly, always force as attachment. (details)
  • Pass the $url to isSeekable(), allowing to return different value depending on the path (=> return false for Zip files in fsAccessWrapper, or it's messed up when browsing zip subfolders). (details)
  • Declare restParams on compress in action.powerfs, otherwise API is not working for this action when plugin is active. (details)
  • Fix ChangesTracker for filter + mask management. Fix indexation issue when copying folders. (details)
  • Specific fix for video player for Firefox (details)
  • Update sdk generator: do not skip already parsed actions. (details)
  • * Setup wizard can now be translated completely * Added german translations for setup wizard (details)
  • Fix display quota on FreeBSD (details)
  • Fix file/folder message on move. Close and replace PR #1000 ($dirRes is never set in that case) (details)
  • Update .travis.yml (details)
  • Updated ca/es files (details)
  • PHP7 Constructors fixes (details)
  • PHP7 Constructor fixes (details)
  • Missing Comma in ca.php (details)
  • Add Travis Badge (details)
  • Fix #1010 Zip Browsing on Windows Server (details)
  • Add new parameter for signature - Add Frankfurt & Seoul Regions. Close #846 (details)
  • Fix log grouping Fix Copy Selection action (details)
  • Fix google shortner api key - Close #1030 (details)
  • Make sure to not return an empty value. (details)
  • Fix some specific zip extraction case on Windows Server. (details)
  • Fix multimode value : check instance_name OR group_switch_value (details)
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