AjaXplorer iOS Client 1.7 released

Created on 2012/11/14
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A new iOS client update is now available on the AppStore :

  • iOS6 regressions fixed  :
    • Welcome back, AjaXplorer legacy users (v3.2.4)! Use the "Legacy Server" switch in the server configuration window to connect ajaxplorer servers <4.X . Many NAS provide these old versions.
    • Full screen is back again, stability on the new split view improved
  • Toolbar reorganization : creation actions (create folder, take picture, pick from camera roll) are grouped in a common "+" button, contextual actions appear in the toolbar not only by long-press
  • Bookmarks: AjaXplorer bookmarks are now available in the application
  • Search: Search engine is now available. Administrators, this require a server-side indexation engine to be active on the repositories (namely index.lucene, the only one available currently)!