Pydio Sync 0.8.4 for Win, Mac & Linux

Created on 2014/01/28
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Capture d’écran 2014-01-27 à 23.35.56Almost one year after the previous version, tons of energy and sweat put into the Pydio server and mobile apps, we are very glad to announce today a new release of the Pydio Sync client. Although still considered beta, this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Please massively test and report issues! Of course, make always sure to backup your data on a regular basis.

The application was highly optimized to be able to handle tons of files without crashing. It still requires Java 6 or Java 7 to be installed on the client desktop. We are working parallely on a new app written in Python for an easier deployment.

  • Version: 0.8.4
  • Licence: GPL
  • Copyright: Charles du Jeu 2014
  • Requirement: Java 1.7 or 1.6
  • Win & Mac Installers
  • Linux: There are no installers yet, but you can grab the Zips, extract them and simply launch java -jar PydioSync.jar
  • Issue TrackerGithub Project
  • Contributors: cdujeu, wojt-spot, robin.kluth - big up to them!
  • Call for translators: If you want to spent 10 minutes translating this sample file to your own language, please send it back to us <team (at) pyd (dot) io>, or via github PR!

What's new

Handle tons of files

  • Huge optimisation to handle huge amount of files and folders. Using MapDB and Ehcache, using SAX parsing and recursive loading for remote XML tree (latest requires pydio core v5.2.0).
    As a result, the application can handle 20-30k files for tens of gigas of data with a memory kept stable.

New Parameters & checks

  • Add a parameter to auto-solve conflicts by keeping remote or local copy by default (particularly useful for directional sync)
  • Compute a global progress (percentage) of the task and display it in the status
  • Rework connection panel to make it more intuitive
  • Add « Trust SSL » parameter to force acceptation of self-signed certificates
  • Check that local folder is found to prevent data loss (if e.g. workspace is synced on a removable device).

Bug fixes & enhancements

  • Filenames containing quotes were breaking downloads
  • Increase chunk size in SDK for better upload performances
  • Rename everything from AjaXplorer to Pydio, update icons
  • Adapt GUI panel size to detect Font size.
  • Fix getContentLength() returning -1, can create random bugs depending on server response
  • Fix memory leaks due to images management
  • Split Windows installer into two different ones for 32 or 64bit platforms
  • Lock edition of local folder (prevent erros during synchro)

 Application features

  • Application allows to schedule one or more synchronization task between a workspace of a given Pydio installation and an arbitrary local folder.
  • Supports BI-directionnal sync, but also upload only (backup) or download only (mirroring) patterns, plus conflicts auto-solving.
  • Delta-based sync for files contents to limit network bandwith (requires php rsync extension installed on server).
  • System Tray icon to follow all operations progress and access the configuration menu.
  • Quick access to the local folder (via Explorer or Finder) and the remote workspace.

Server Connection Panel

Server Connection Panel

Powerfull parameters, supports bidirectionnal sync, but also up or down only

Powerfull parameters, supports bidirectionnal sync, but also up or down only

Quick access via System Tray to application functions

Quick access via System Tray to application functions

What's next ?

Although working on the python impl, we will still be actively developing on this java branch: adding the ability to launch it "headless" ( = without GUI) for setting it up on a server environnment, bringing back all synchro algo to our Java SDK that can be used for other apps (notably the android app), and why not developping new apps on that. Stay tuned!


  • Pydio Sync 0.8.4 MSI File - Windows 64bits : Download
  • Pydio Sync 0.8.4 MSI File - Windows 32bits : Download
  • Pydio Sync 0.8.4 DMG File - Mac : Download
  • Pydio Sync 0.8.4 ZIP Archive - Linux 32bits : Download
  • Pydio Sync 0.8.4 ZIP Archive - Linux 64bits : Download

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