Fully disabling Cells

Created on 2023/03/06, cells, share

Although counter-intuitive, as user-managed collaboration spaces provided by Cells and are at the core of the product, it may be sometime desireable to strictly restrict access to a "read-only" or "upload-only" interface for users. Find out how in this short article.

First log in as administrator on your Cells Console and toggle Advanced Parameters on (top-left menu).

Disable sharing

  • Go to Application parameters >> Sharing Features
  • Disable all 4 check boxes (you might keep the first enable if necessary)
  • Save changes

Disable Cells and their Creation

Merge Workspaces and Cells

  • Go to Application parameters >> Main Settings
  • Check the Merge Workspace and Cells box
  • Save

Customize parameters via Roles

  • Go to Identity Management >> Roles
  • Edit the Root Group
  • Go to the Application Parameters
  • Choose Add for... >> All Workspaces
  • Search for cells
  • Choose Let User create new Cells
  • toogle this off
  • Add another rule by clicking on the + button that is left to the All Workspaces Header
  • Search for action.share, choose My Shares and turn it off
  • Add another, search for action.share, choose Shares and turn it off
  • Save

You should be good to go (after a hard refresh of the interface)!