No private IP detected issue

Created on 2022/10/14, cells, configuration, grpc

When starting cells, you see this warning in your logs:

Warning: no private IP detected for binding broker. Will bind to <YOUR PUBLIC IP ADDRESS>, which may give public access to the broker.

You should solve this issue by adding a virtual NIC on your machine or you might be at risk (depending onn how secure is your network).


Internally, Pydio Cells is implemented with a microservice oriented architecture: each simple feature is implemented as an independant brick that exposes a set of internal APIs inside Cells.

All microservices communicate together via gRPC, a HTML2 based protocol. It is important that this communication happens on a private network for better security.

On single instance servers, this is done by using a private IP of the server.

How to fix

There are many ways to declare a private virtual interface. A few examples:

With docker

If you have docker installed on your machine, launch the service:
the docker daemon creates a virtual private network that can be used by Cells.

On Debian like

If your main interface is called eno1, make a backup of your /etc/network/interfaces file and append this:

# virtual IP on eno1
auto eno1:0
iface eno1:0 inet static

From your comand line, mount the virtual NIC and list all:

sudo ifup eno1:0
sudo ip address

On RHEL like

Your main interface is called eth0, adapt otherwise.

sudo tee /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0 << EOF

# Start the interface and check new IP
sudo ifup eth0:0
sudo ip address