Using Pydio Cells as an Identity Provider for WordPress

Created on 2023/03/06, wordpress, oauth2

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Create an OAuth2 client for WordPress on Pydio Cells

This is possible on both the Home and Enterprise Edition.

Pydio Cells Enterprise Edition

On the left-bar menu, go to Authentication > OAUTH2/OIDC (top left) > + OAUTH2 Client to create a new client.

You must provide the following information:

Name cellswordpress put any label of your choice
Client ID cells-wp this setting is a sort of username
Client Secret a secret (like a password) this setting is a sort of username
Scope openid email profile pydio offline
Callback URL
Grant Types Authorization code
Response Types Code

Pydio Cells Home Edition

On Pydio Cells Home edition you must manually add to your pydio.json, the oauth2 client, below is a default sample:

    "client_id": "cells-wp",
    "client_name": "cellswordpress",
    "client_secret": "secret",
    "grant_types": [
    "redirect_uris": [
    "response_types": [
    "scope": "email user pydio openid offline"

You must add it inside the staticClients array (located inside your pydio.json file).


"staticClients": [
    // It must be placed here

Configure the OAuth2 client on WordPress

Download and install the following plugin on WordPress:

Then proceed on the Plugins settings (left bar menu), click on miniOrange OAuth, you are now invited to configure your OAuth Provider,

Client ID you must put the previously created Client ID
Client Secret you must put the previously created Client Secret
Authorize Endpoint https://your-cells/oidc/oauth2/auth
Access Token Endpoint https://your-cells/oidc/oauth2/token

Then hit the Test Configuration button, once you have the test-configuration (presented in an Array), keep it open as it is required later for the mapping, and proceed to Save.

Browse to Attribute/Role mapping and put inside the Username field the previously retrieved Attribute, name (see screenshot above).

Hit save and now you can connect to your WordPress with your PydioCells credentials.