Use pydio sync client

Created on 2023/03/06, CLIENT
WARNING This article is for Pydio 8 (PHP). Time to move to Pydio Cells!

How to use the pydio Sync client

Setting & Using the pydio sync client

1. FOR WINDOWS, MAC & LINUX(graphical environnement)

Now launch the app click on getting started and you should have the following screen.

  • HTTP/HTTPS : You should always choose HTTPS but if you didnt configure security you can use HTTP.
  • URL : Its your Pydio's server URL.
  • Login : Your Pydio Login.
  • Password : Your Pydio's User Password.

Then choose the workspace that you want to be Synced.(You can also choose if you only want a subfolder of this workspace).

After that you will have to choose a destination, meaning the folder on your local device that you want to be synced with Pydio.

This screen shows you a global view of your syncronization, and also offers you more advanced parameters ( see below ).

The settings are the same with Windows and Linux


You can find the files and therefore the log files of the pydio sync client here:

Win: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Pydio

Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Pydio Full path : /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Pydio