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Plugin LabelJavascript Api Browser
Short DescriptionBrowse Pydio Javascript classes and interfaces. Helper for developpers, but also good demonstration of how Pydio data can be fed by something different than a remote server filesystem!
Plugin Identifieraccess.jsapi
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependenciesgui.ajax, editor.codemirror
SEPARATORContribution information
Latest core tested4.0.4
Plugin version numberfollow


Disclaimer: If you installed Pydio by the linux repository ( apt / yum ), you must install the "pydio-plugin-access.jsapi" package.

Browse the javascript Classes and Interfaces (in the ajaxplorer-extended prototypejs sense) detected in the living application, and display their method and JSDocs. This is again a good demonstration of how Pydio can be used at something totally different from browsing a filesystem : there the datamodel is loaded locally.