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  • Tasks Scheduler : Register tasks to be run on a regular basis instead of writing them one by one in cron tab..
  • Quick Send (experimental) : Send, share and email the link at once, from the user dashboard..
  • Tar Archives Support : Create and extract tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives..
  • Antivirus : antivirus plugin adaptor.
  • Sharing Features : Share Center actions and hooks.
  • [ED] Vanitizer : Vanity generator (theme customization, new buttons, etc, outputs a new plugin).
  • Avatars : Get user avatar from Gravatar/Libravatar.
  • timestamp : Allow timestamp files with Universign..
  • Skeleton Plugin : This is an empty container to demonstrate the basics of plugins coding..
  • Update Engine : Detect necessary upgrades for Pydio packages..
  • Selection Cart : Select files to a cart and download/share all at once.
  • Disclaimer : Display a disclaimer and force acceptation by user.
  • Zip Delegation : This extension assumes you have an administration access to your server: ability to tweak the webserver and the php configuration, ability to access the command line, and to use the command line version of ZIP..
  • [ED] System Signature : Collect all information about system where pydio is running.
  • [ED] Dump config : Export and Import Pydio configuration.