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Plugin LabelMultiple
Short DescriptionEncapsulate the use of other drivers
Plugin Identifierauth.multi
AuthorCharles du Jeu, Thomas Oettli


Encapsulate the usage of other auth.* drivers, to allow multiple sources of users. It can work either in Master/Slave mode (master is read-only, slave is read-write for shared users), or in "User-choice" mode where users can choose at login time wich method to use for authentication.

Master/Slave Mode: this is useful to connect Pydio to an external user directory that is not writeable. Typical example would be an LDAP / AD directory. To still be able to share resources with external users, setting a "local" sql-based driver as Slave will allow pydio to create shared users in the local DB.

Users'choice: configure two authentication drivers and let your user choose which method to use at login time. This can for example let user declare themselves as internal or external.

Instance parameters

Mode *
Master/slave will assume that the master is read-only, and the slave is a local alternative to allow sharing features.Select (MASTER_SLAVE, USER_CHOICE)MASTER_SLAVE
Master *
The name of the master driver to use, generally serial.String
In Master_Slave mode, use this option to limit the users listing in the administration to one driver only (leave empty if you want to see all users)Select (master, slave, both)
Cache master users
Create a local copy (at login time) of master users inside slave baseBooleanfalse
Separator *
This is necessary to discriminate users data loaded from various sources. Warning, use foldername compliant characters. For example :: does not work!String_-_
Drivers *
The auth drivers definition, see detailed documenation for more info.Array
Auth Driver Commons
Auto Create User
When set to true, the user object is created automatically if the authentication succeed. Used by remote authentication systems.Booleanfalse
Login Redirect
If set to a given URL, the login action will not trigger the display of login screen but redirect to this URL.String
Administrator Login
For exotic auth drivers, an user ID that must be considered as admin by default.String
Auto apply role
For multiple authentication, apply this role to users authenticated via this driverString