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Plugin LabelPydio Main Options
Short DescriptionMain container for core Pydio settings (application title, sharing, webdav server config, etc...)
Plugin Identifiercore.ajaxplorer
AuthorCharles du Jeu


This plugin is a generic container for all 'core' configs of the application. It is always loaded, and the associated options are available in the code via ConfService::getCoreConf() method.

Main Sections are :

  • Main Options
    Basic options, Server URL should be defined only if it cannot be detected automatically by the server (when behind a proxy for example).
  • Sharing
    Outside world sharing options, see also the Plugins > Actions > Share Center for a lot more options about Sharing.
  • WebDAV Server
    Enable this allow users to mount their workspace as network drive on their desktop.
  • Command Line
    Enable this to boost performances and/or perform requests directly via command line.
  • Compression Features
    Default options should be sufficiant, try tweaking if you encounter problems.
  • MiscellaneousOther non-classified options

Plugin parameters

Main Options
Application Title *
This title will appear as the window title, in the splash screen.StringPydio
Default Language *
Default language when a user does not have set his/her own.Select (AJXP_AVAILABLE_LANGUAGES)en
Server URL
Server URL used to build share links and notifications. It will be detected if empty.String
Public Base URI *
URI where to serve the public linksString/public
Download Folder (Legacy)
Absolute path to the public folder where temporary download links will be created. This is used for legacy purpose, newly created links do not use it anymore, but use the Base URI instead.StringAJXP_INSTALL_PATH/data/public
Download URL
If not inferred directly from the current pydio URL plus the public base URI, replace the public access URL here.String
WebDAV Server
Enable WebDAV
Enable the webDAV support. Please READ THE DOC to safely use this feature.Booleanfalse
Enable for all users
Enable WebDAV for all users by default. If set to false, users will have to manually enable WebDAV via their preferences panel.Booleanfalse
Shares URI
Common URI to access the shares. Please READ THE DOC to safely use this feature.String/shares
Shares Host
Host used in webDAV protocol. Should be detected by default. Please READ THE DOC to safely use this feature.String
Digest Realm
Default realm for authentication. Please READ THE DOC to safely use this feature.Stringajxp_webdav_realm
Force Basic Auth
This authentication mechanism is less secure, but will avoid the users having to re-enter a password in some case.Booleanfalse
Browser Access
Display the list of files and folder when accessing through the browserBooleanfalse
Command Line
Command-line Active
Use Pydio framework via the command line, allowing CRONTAB jobs or background actions.Booleanfalse
Command-line PHP
On specific hosts, you may have to use a specific path to access the php command lineStringphp
Use COM class
On Windows running IIS, set this option to true if the COM extension is loaded, this may enable the use of the php command line.Booleanfalse
Compression Features
Disable Zip browsing
Disable Zip files inline browsing. This can be necessary if you always store huge zip archives: it can have some impact on performance.Booleanfalse
Zip Creation
If you encounter problems with online zip creation or multiple files downloading, you can disable the feature.Booleantrue
Zip Encoding
Set up a specific encoding (try IBM850 or CP437) for filenames to fix characters problems during Zip creation. This may create OS-incompatible archives (Win/Mac).String
Download Delegation
Delegates download operations to an alternative agent, either webserver or pydio agent. Warning, this requires external modules to be installed. When using XSendFile/XaccelRedirect, you have to manually add the folders where files will be downloaded in the module configurationSelect (pydio, xsendfile, xaccelredirect)
Gzip Download
Gzip files on-the-fly before downloading. Disabled by default, as it's generally useful only on small files, and decreases performances on big files. This has nothing to see with the Zip Creation feature, it's just a on-the-fly compression applied on a unique file at download.Booleanfalse
Gzip Limit
If activated, a default limit should be set above when files are no more compressed.String1048576
Filename length
Maximum characters length of new files or foldersInteger255
Temporary Folder
This is necessary only if you have errors concerning the tmp dir access or writeability : most probably, they are due to PHP SAFE MODE (should disappear in php6) or various OPEN_BASEDIR restrictions. In that case, create and set writeable a tmp folder somewhere at the root of your hosting (but above the web/ or www/ or http/ if possible!!) and enter here the full path to this folderString