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Plugin LabelUploaders Options
Short DescriptionOptions shared by all uploaders plugins
Plugin Identifiercore.uploader
AuthorCharles du Jeu


Global upload options provider shared by all uploader plugins.

How to change the upload limit?

Upload size is limited by PHP configuration. Thus, by default, this plugin can only lower the original php.ini value. You cannot simply raise the configuration here, you have to change the php.ini value by a way or another (php.ini file, .htaccess php_value key). The following parameters must be updated :
  • post_max_size
  • upload_max_size
Once updated, restart your webserver (Apache for example) to make sure the configuration is taken into account, then in this configuration panel, set the "File Size" parameter to 0 and save. Re-open the panel, you should see the php.ini value reloaded.

Plugin parameters

Allowed Extensions
Extensions List
Filter the files that are allowed to be uploaded, by extensions. Use a comma-separated list.String
Ext. Label
User readable label for the list of allowed extensions (images, all files, etc).String
Files Number
Maximum number of files for each upload. Leave to 0 for no limit.Integer0
File Size
Maximum size per file allowed to upload. By default, this is fixed by php config 'upload_max_filesize'. Use this one only if you want to set it smaller than the php config. If you want to increase the php value, please check the PHP documentation for how to set a php config. Use either the php config syntax with letters for size (e.g. '2M' for 2MegaBytes , '1G' for one gigabyte, etc.) or an integer value like 2097152 for 2 megabytes.String0
Cumul. Size
Maximum total size (all files size cumulated) by upload. Leave to 0 if you do not want any limit. See the previous variable for syntax ('2M' or 2097152 )String0