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Plugin LabelEmail Viewer
Short DescriptionEmail reader, supports eml format and eml mimetypes. Detects if a folder contains only email and display columns accordingly.
Plugin Identifiereditor.eml
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependenciesaccess.fs, access.smb, access.imap, access.swift, access.s3, access.inbox, access.demo, access.dropbox, access.webdav, access.sftp_psl, access.smbicewind, access.sftp, access.ftp


This editors allows you to open an Email Message, either as saved EML file, or directly from a mailbox when inside an access.imap repository. It supports text & html formatting, attachments downloading and copying into another folder or repository.

It will also detect if a given folder contains only EML files, and rearrange the columns accordingly to display email-like columns : to, from, etc..

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