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Plugin LabelImage Magick
Short DescriptionImage Magick viewer supports PDF and various images formats preview. Requires external library to be installed on the server.
Plugin Identifiereditor.imagick
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependencieseditor.diaporama, access.smb, access.imap, access.swift, access.s3, access.inbox, access.demo, access.fs, access.dropbox, access.webdav, access.sftp_psl, access.smbicewind, access.sftp, access.ftp


Makes use of a server installation of Image Magick and GhostScript to generate thumbnails for various formats : PDF, SVG, TIFF and PSD.

It cannot work if Image Magick and GhostScripts are not installed on your server, thus you won’t probably be able to use this editor on a shared host (unfortunately, I agree). Ghostscript fonts must be present on server too. When activated, PDF documents can also be viewed directly online, page by page.

The main configuration option will be the full path to the convert tool on the server. Test your server before posting some "it's not working" in the forum!!
In a commandline, change to a directory containing a pdf file, let's say myFile.pdf, and execute the following command :

  • > [PATH TO convert] myFile.pdf[0] preview.jpg
  • For example on windows : > C:\PROGRA~1\ImageMagick\convert.exe myFile.pdf[0] preview.jpg
  • For example on linux : > /opt/bin/convert myFile.pdf[0] preview.jpg


If you can install the uniconv utilitary on your server, along with the openoffice or libreoffice headless suite, the plugin can also display preview for a wide range of office documents (Word,Excel,Powerpoint and all their closed or open-source variants).

Examples to install the packages on CentOS : yum install unoconv
Or on Debian : apt-get install unoconv

Remark : once installed, you can check the index.lucene plugin that can also make use of UNOCONV to extract textual information from office files into PDF, and the use PDF2TXT to extract and index this information for search.

Plugin parameters

Convert Path *
Full path on the server to the 'convert' binaryString/usr/bin/convert
Thumbs Options
Imagick Options used for generating the thumbnailsString-quality 65 -density 150 -resize 250 -flatten
Images Options
Imagick Options used for generation the high scale imagesString-quality 90 -density 250
Shared Options
You can add any Image Magick options you want here, applied to both thumbs and big imagesString
Environment Path
Additional path to put in the environment PATH variable before calling the command. Can be necessary for Ghostscript on Mac for example.String
Pregeneration Threshold
Threshold (in MegaByte) under which the pages are all generated when opening the document, and over which pages are generated on-demand onlyInteger5
Unoconv Path
Full path on the server to the 'unoconv' binary (see docs)String