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Plugin LabelMap viewer
Short DescriptionGeolocation feature to either display a WMS layer or simply place an exif-localized photo. Requires OpenLayers
Plugin Identifiereditor.openlayer
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependenciesaccess.wms, meta.exif


To install, drop the OpenLayer distribution inside the openlayer folder like this :

  • openlayer/OpenLayers.js [ single-file distrib ]
  • openlayer/img
  • openlayer/themes
The view uses Open Street Map by default.
If you want to enable Google Maps, you must add the line <script src="/static-docs/pydio-ref7/plugins/editor.openlayer/"></script> inside the main application template (plugins/gui.ajax/html/gui.html). Warning their API has now turned into a commercial thing for a given volume.

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