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  • FS Mount : Mount a remote location on the file system before accessing the workspace.
  • Text Metadata : Simple metadata implementation stored in a hidden file..
  • Syncable Workspace : Track changes on this workspace to enable the synchronization with an external client.
  • Watch Metadata : Register watched on files or folders.
  • FileSystem Monitoring : If the workspace is meant to be modified directly through the file system, use this plugin to monitor the changes.
  • Exif Metadata : Extracts the EXIF metadata of a JPG image. Used in conjunction with editor.exif.
  • Subversion Repository : Extract SVN informations (revision, change log, etc) if the workspace is a Working-Copy, and SVN is available as a commandline..
  • Simple Lock : Manual Locking mechanism to avoid concurrent edition.
  • User quota : Maintain the size of a given directory for each user.
  • File Hasher : Compute on-demand a hash of the file content and stores it in the metadata if a metastore is provided.
  • Git-based Versioning : Keep tracks of all files modifications using a local Git workspace.
  • Comments Feed : Display a chat-like feed on all nodes.